July 15th, 2020

Mothership presents "Need for Speed" by Miyavi

J-Glam, Universal Music, LDH: Miyavi

Mothership teams remotely with director David Cihelna and the creative directors Dyan Jong and Annie Stoll    to produce Miyavi's "Need for Speed" music video.  This piece was produced across various timezones with Miyavi's live performance captured in-studio in Japan; technical execution, special effects, camera, lighting, color and final edit were coordinated across continents in the cities of Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Vineyard (Utah). The music video was built entirely within the Unity real-time development platform.

Client: Miyavi, J-Glam, Universal Music, LDH, Director: David Cihelna, Creative Director: Dyan Jong, Creative Director: Annie Stoll, Executive Producer: Derek Frampton Davis, Executive Producer: Ryota Hamada, Editor: Kotaru Shinagawa, Colorist: Gabriel Sanchez, Consulting Cinematographer: Stefano Ferrari, SFX: Eric Davis, SFX: Manuel Mora, Car courtesy of BMW, sponsor


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